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Northern Africa




now beggins the trip !!
Written by Jerem   
Saturday, 03 December 2011 06:54

after a 11000km / 7 weeks prologue in europe and asia, the african trip is now starting! i ve been riding in africa since the 13th of novembre.
the landscapes along the road look definitely exotic.

I want to take the chance to thank all those who made this possible :

egypt : sinai and suez
Written by Jerem   
Saturday, 03 December 2011 22:22

arriving in Africa has been as exotic as it should be:
first step when arriving in egypt is to proceed with the customs and import the bike (the visa and immigration process is easy going).
going out of the boat, our bikes (2 others bikers i met in jordan and i) are the only foreign vehicules, and the port is not really well road signed.
after reaching the custom area, we were guided by a police man to the (too) many desk / offices / counters for the following operations : chassis number copying, overlooking of our papers, stamping some papers, buying road insurrance, photocopying many papers, getting a real expensive small piece of paper writen in arabic, getting some other stamps, queuing -i didn t get the point of all counters-, and eventually paying for our temporary egyptian number plates (attached with tape) -not to mention the night we spent camping inside the custom area, trying to lower the price of the importation taxes !!!

egypt number plate egypt number plate

Cairo and Nile valley
Written by Jerem   
Sunday, 18 December 2011 08:35

Cairo is very famous for its traffic jams. Due to a late start from sinai, i reached the first suburbs of Cairo after the sunset. Average driving skill and safety concern is not high in whole egypt, but entering Cairo on a saturday evening is definitely one of the worse possible road experiences. Vehicules run at very various speed (from 5km/hour donkey carriage to 140km/hour flat out 20 years old peugeot 504) regardless of traffic lanes. Trucks usualy dont change lanes and keep left after they had overtaken another vehicule, while fast cars change lanes like in video games eventually flashing lights if you re one their way (keeping all lights off any other time even at night).

Sudan : pyramids and desert, again?
Written by Jerem   
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 19:28

The boat trip to Sudan has been exactly as predicted : busy, rather uncomfortable but offering an unique sunrise view on the abu simbel temple.

boat deck boat deck