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Written by Jerem   
Sunday, 04 September 2011

The idea i kept in mind the last couple of years was to cross africa, from north to south by motorbike. My first option was to pass by algeria and mali, but due to the last events, i choose to pass by eastern africa rather than western africa.

Starting from France, i planned to pass by eastern europe first, then Turkey and middle east countries before reaching egypt and africa. From there i would drive south, first through Sudan and Ethiopia. No precise plan for the last part of the trip (up to south africa) as many thing could change before i reach that second half of the journey.

So my route was supposed to be something like that:


The bike is an Honda Africa twin i bought 3 years before. Before starting that 'big' trip, i used it 2 times abroad : in the Balkans and in Morocco, each of these trips helping me to improve the equipment.

before :
after :

A bit more on the technical aspect, here.


I planned this trip to last approximatey one year,  from Septembre 2011 to august 2012.


You can now read about the complete journey in the section : Photo tale





#1 pierre strydom 2012-05-16 10:40
Hi Jeremy, I am back in Pretoria (RSA) & recovering for a 5000 km 12 day motorcycle trip - admire you for being on the bike for 7 months. Thanks for the great time we had together for Ai Ais where you convinced mne the first time to join you to Sossusvlei, again to turn back between S/svlei & Matahoe & for the third time to go to Swakopmund. I trust that you have by now arranged for transportation back to EU & that you are well. Sms me if you need more information from Gerd or if I can assist in any other way possible. Had to replace the chain on the tRans Alp in Klerksdorp (250 from home) & also sleap over for the night. First night out of Swakop spent in Mariental, next night in Upington then Klerksdorp & home. The whole trip still spinning through my head & would lve to do more. Will keep in touch & all the best for you. Regards Pierre
#2 kevin parrock 2012-06-02 05:06
hi jeremy justwanting to know more from you after our mountain top meeting andwhether one can arrange carnet de passage for trip to zambia maybe you can give me more information trust you are well and that you have got back to europe - your r1 connection