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southern african highs drakensberg and lesotho
Written by Jerem   
Monday, 14 May 2012

After Swaziland, my route continued south, through the south african province called Kwazulu Natal or Zululand, home of the Zulu and land of the battlefields of the Anglo-Zulu war.

natal 1 natal 1

natal 2 natal 2

I eventually reached the coast of the indian ocean near Ste Lucia, a popular destination for wildlife watching.

indian ocean 1 indian ocean 1

indian ocean 2 indian ocean 2

Then, I rode north-west to the Drankesberg mountains, which are the highest mountains in Southern Africa and make the natural border between South Africa and the land locked kingdom of Lesotho.

drakensberg 1 drakensberg 1


amphitheatre 1 amphitheatre 1


amphitheatre 2 amphitheatre 2

amphitheatre 3 amphitheatre 3


drakensberg 2 drakensberg 2

drakensberg 2 drakensberg 2

drakensberg 2 drakensberg 2

One of the hardest way to drive into Lesotho is the steep and remote Sani pass. The road first goes gently up the valley...

sani pass 1 sani pass 1

sani pass 2 sani pass 2

...than climb the last part of the mountain on a dozen of very sharp hair-pins. Here the bike is stucked in the steep rocks.

sani pass 3 sani pass 3

sani pass 4 sani pass 4

I eventually reached the top of the pass after 30 minutes fighting with the bike and entered Lesotho, the kingdom in the clouds.

sani pass 5 sani pass 5

Behind the mountains are the lesotho highlands...

lesotho highs 1 lesotho highs 1

lesotho highs 2 lesotho highs 2

lesotho highs 3 lesotho highs 3

lesotho highs 4 lesotho highs 4

...and the highest 'tar' road in southern africa (if you look carefully you can see few little remains of tar on the side of the road).

lesotho highs 5 lesotho highs 5

Only to practise the skills i developped in eastern europe 6 months ago, i ve been sent some snow.

lesotho highs 6 lesotho highs 6

lesotho lowlands 1 lesotho lowlands 1

Lesotho and South Africa collaborates on a big water scheme project. The results is 2 huge dams in Lesotho and a couple of rivers being diverted to supply water to dry provinces of south africa.

lesotho highs 7 lesotho highs 7

lesotho highs 8 lesotho highs 8

lesotho highs 9 lesotho highs 9

Going to the west of Lesotho, the roads go slowly down again.

lesotho lowlands 2 lesotho lowlands 2

lesotho lowlands 3 lesotho lowlands 3

lesotho lowlands 4 lesotho lowlands 4

lesotho lowlands 5 lesotho lowlands 5



#1 Hans-Christian 2012-06-01 13:11
Wow. Too bad I didn't do the Sani-Pass. It looks perfect for the Landy. I think I'll have to return to South-Africa or should I say southern Africa soon. There is so much amazing that I haven't seen yet. Thanks for the update and the beautiful pictures.
#2 Klaus-Christian 2012-06-04 11:58
Yes, I agree with Hans. We should have driven up to the Sani Pass. We stood at the junction just north of Pietermaritzbur g and discussed - but then we found out that it was far and late ... and continued down to Durban. Now the Land Cruiser approaches Madgascar - let us hope that the customs will not be too difficult. Welcome back to Addis - we are just mooving to our new house with a lot of space both for people and bikes. Klaus
#3 jerem 2012-06-04 17:00
ah I didnt think you were that close to Lesotho. then it s a real pity you haven t been up there.
it s a shame we travel so long and still miss a lot a things. a backpacker I met few days showed me picts of the danakil...Ethiopia is still hidding a lot from me
#4 Klaus-Christian 2012-06-06 06:30
Wellcome back to Ethiopia! I have never been to Afar and to Danakil - so it is time to go!