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Swaziland !
Written by Jerem   
Thursday, 10 May 2012

After 28 kilometres of curves at the top of the mountains, the road lead me to a remote and not too much used swaziland border. Right passed the border is the local curiosity : the longest cable of the world (about 20 kilometres ) built to carry minerals from a mine.

longest cabl car longest cabl car

Following the border are 10 kilometres of rather bad gravel road. The landscape is still nice and by riding on the side of the road to admire it I got the first puncture of the trip.

puncture puncture

North western Swaziland is all hilly and a very nice place to visit. I eventualy got invited overnight and got offered a nice guided tour of the area.

granite rocks 1 granite rocks 1

granite rocks 2 granite rocks 2

granite rocks 3 granite rocks 3

On my way south, the rest of the country is slightly more flat and lower.going down to South Africa.

swazi landscape swazi landscape