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what an expensive trip to tanzania would be
Written by Jerem   
Friday, 30 March 2012

The Kilimajaro is the hightest peak of Africa, at 5896 metres high. it sits on a plain averaging 1500 metres above sea level. It s toped by 2 glaciers and sometimes receive snow falls.

snow on the kilimanjaro snow on the kilimanjaro

There are several trails to climb it taking from 5 to 7 days. The foot of the kilimajaro is covered by a humid forest up to 3000 metres.

forest trail 1 forest trail 1

forest trail 2 forest trail 2

forest trail 3 forest trail 3

Than the trees disapear and only remain bushes and some kind of cactus.

alpine meadow 1 alpine meadow 1

alpine meadow 2 alpine meadow 2

After the 3700 metres high camp is only the alpine desert.

alpine desert 1 alpine desert 1

alpine desert 2 alpine desert 2

The base camp at 4700 metres sits at the foot of the volcanic cone, the steepest part of the trail.

alpine desert 3 alpine desert 3

Facing the Uhuru Peak (the hightest of the Kilimanjaro range) is the Hans Meyer peak (5149 metres). This last part of the ascent is done at night, in our case the fullmoon light revealing the great landcape.

alpine desert 4 alpine desert 4

The second main point of interest in Tanzania is its wildlife, and the world famous twin national parks of Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

Our first stop has been at lake Manyara, a saline lake in the Rift valley, hosting some birds and the usual big african mamals.

bird 1 bird 1

blue monkey blue monkey

antelop antelop

elephant elephant

zebra zebra

zebra and wildebeast zebra and wildebeast

dik diks dik diks

blue balls monkey blue balls monkey

Then we moved to the Serengeti national park, and crossed the annual wildebeast migration

wildebeast migration 1 wildebeast migration 1

wildebeast migration 2 wildebeast migration 2

The 14000 m² of the Serengeti NP. are mainly a large plain dotted by few trees and granite rocks

savana 1 savana 1

savana 2 savana 2

vultures vultures

baboons baboons

giraffe giraffe

hippo hippo

giraffes giraffes

crocs crocs

bird 2 bird 2

tree climbing lion 1 tree climbing lion 1

lions in savana lions in savana

hyena 1 hyena 1

savana 3 savana 3

tree climbing lion 2 tree climbing lion 2

The Ngorongoro NP. gathers more various landscapes, including the 20 kilometres wide Ngorongoro crater with its high concentration of wild life.

male lion male lion

crane crane

hyena 2 hyena 2

warthog warthog

lion 1 lion 1

lion 2 lion 2

bird 3 bird 3

rhino rhino