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Sudan : pyramids and desert, again?
Written by Jerem   
Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The boat trip to Sudan has been exactly as predicted : busy, rather uncomfortable but offering an unique sunrise view on the abu simbel temple.

boat deck boat deck

abu simbel temple abu simbel temple

When looking at a map of Egypt and Sudan, it looks really stupid that the only opened border crossing can be this rusty, not reliable boat, but it is! And the company running it is making sure it will last as long as possible.

Once arrived in Wadi Halfa, all 10 of us had to wait 5 days for our vehicules to arrive and then to be cleared from the customs. During that time, we tried to start our own company to cruise the lake Nasser.

cruising lake nasser cruising lake nasser

The roads in Sudan have improved a lot the last years. What were once gravel or sandy tracks are now brand new, chinese made, black asphalt roads. Road signs remain poor, and supported by private advertisment. Here you should read : Khartoum rather on your right side, 440 kilometres.

sudan road sign sudan road sign

The route options are limited too, either along the nile where villages and population are, or on few shortcuts across the desert.

along the nile along the nile

Let's go for 249 km in the middle of the desert!

249km of desert 249km of desert

km 198 : oh! a mirage!

mirage km 198 mirage km 198

camping in sudan camping in sudan

The main attractions the few tourists can visit in Sudan are pyramids, with a slightly different shape than the egyptians ones.

sunrise on pyramids sunrise on pyramids

pyramids at sunrise pyramids at sunrise

pyramids with bike pyramids with bike