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egypt : sinai and suez
Written by Jerem   
Saturday, 03 December 2011

arriving in Africa has been as exotic as it should be:
first step when arriving in egypt is to proceed with the customs and import the bike (the visa and immigration process is easy going).
going out of the boat, our bikes (2 others bikers i met in jordan and i) are the only foreign vehicules, and the port is not really well road signed.
after reaching the custom area, we were guided by a police man to the (too) many desk / offices / counters for the following operations : chassis number copying, overlooking of our papers, stamping some papers, buying road insurrance, photocopying many papers, getting a real expensive small piece of paper writen in arabic, getting some other stamps, queuing -i didn t get the point of all counters-, and eventually paying for our temporary egyptian number plates (attached with tape) -not to mention the night we spent camping inside the custom area, trying to lower the price of the importation taxes !!!

egypt number plate egypt number plate


and after 3 others complete checks of all the papers we have to carry (passport, carnet de passage, insurrance proof, temporary registration of the motorbike, international driving license) we were finaly riding our bikes in egypt !

Then we were ready to ride the roads of sinai. and some more exotism here again, with more surprising roads than in jordan (not in a real bad condition, but you ve to be ready to face potholes, camels, or sand stretchs at any time) but really nice landscapes.

sinai roads sinai roads

sinai roads sinai roads

We went to Dahab, a beach resort, where Moses is said to have learned wind surfing.

Dahab coast Dahab coast

Then a visit to st Catherine monastery and mount Sinai, where Charlton Heston has received the ten commandements.

top of mt sinai top of mt sinai

Last point of interest on the road to Cairo is the crossing of the Suez canal (by a tunnel). you cant actually go close to the canal it self but only can see big cargo ships navigating in the middle of the desert.

suez canal suez canal



#1 H.D 2011-12-09 16:23
I like the location you put your tent. what a beautiful landscape. pls add more photos.

enjoy the trip!