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Written by sophie et jeremy   
Friday, 01 February 2019

After 6 months home, we are back in South America. First we will enjoy the Dakar Rally which happens to be 100 % Peru this year, and also 100 % sand... It will be a lot of fun for both of us : Sophie with the medical assistance and Jeremy as spectator !

dunes 5 dunes 5

Vincent, who helped a lot 2 years ago for the mechanical preparation of the Landcruiser, is with Jeremy in the 4x4. During 2 weeks they will follow the race but first they go up to the Cotahuasi canyon say hello to the lamas. Vincent seems to be very comfortable with the high altitude, so Jeremy who feels the altitude is a bit jealous...

mountains 1 mountains 1 mountains 2 mountains 2

Meanwhile, Sophie is enjoying the desert, sweating and setting up and down the big medical tent on the bivouac. Fortunately, she is also saving lives... no actually just dealing with anginas and diarrheas !

tente medicale 1 tente medicale 1 tente medicale 4 tente medicale 4

tente medicale 2 tente medicale 2 tente medicale 3 tente medicale 3

bivouac 3 bivouac 3 bivouac 4 bivouac 4

Back from their drive in the mountains, the boys come to visit the Dakar bivouac and wander around the big trucks before setting up to the dunes the watch the race from close. So close that they get suck in the sand (while trying to help a competitor) the car leaning dangerously on its side. It will take almost 2 hours and 3 cars to get it out without any damage!

bivouac 1 bivouac 1 bivouac 5 bivouac 5

dunes 1 dunes 1 dunes 2 dunes 2

dunes 3 dunes 3 dunes 4 dunes 4

On the medical side, things get busier at the end, Sophie moves around in military plane and got to save a life! And a lot of diarrheas too...

bivouac 2 bivouac 2 medical 1 medical 1

medical 2 medical 2 medical 3 medical 3

The rally is over , we all meet up in Lima for a last ceviche and a welcomed shower in order to remove all the sand we bring back from the dunes, and that’s the second part of our trip that begins : we are heading north !

dunes 6 dunes 6



#1 Dmitrii 2019-02-04 05:47
you guys are great 8)
#2 fox 2019-03-09 18:39
Jeremy, tu as bien fait de ne pas participer au Dakar péruvien, avec ta vraie expérience africaine, tu leurs aurais laissé aucune chance !

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