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Written by sophie et jeremy   
Monday, 16 July 2018

As all best things, our trip is getting to an end, so we have to drive to Lima, in order to have the paperwork ready to safely leave our car as we will fly back home.

On our way, we drive across a multicolored canyon, a couple of high passes, and count almost – 4000 meters lower within a few hours. Back in the desert, we visit Caral archaeological site, said to be the oldest ruins of the Americas. A civilization older than the Incas had built 30 meters high pyramids , 2500BC when they didn’t have pottery or bronze. Almost as incredible as the Egyptians!

We then drive along the Pacific coast, still in the fog before reaching the capital city.

Once the car cleaned and stored at our friend Carlos, we spend a few days at the police and the customs to get the mandatory papers to expand the stay of our car without us in the country. After one year of continuous duty, we kiss it goodbye.

We still have a few days to enjoy the city, allegedly the gastronomic capital of south America. So we tour all the good restaurants and small street stalls, and enjoy the last exotic fruits we have for some time.

Here is the end of this superb trip, we tried to share as well as possible! Thanks for following us, be sure that any of your comment was a great pleasure to us. We hope to keep in touch with all of you we met on our ways, don ‘t forget to drop us a line sometime!


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