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lake titicaca
Written by sophie et jeremy   
Sunday, 06 May 2018

The lake Titicaca, split between Bolivia and Peru, is one of the biggest lake in south America, and at 3812m high considered as the highest navigable lake in the world. It’s the cradle of the Inca civilization: Viracocha, the first Aymara god, would be born in this lake before creating the world and the Andean civilizations.

isla de la luna isla de la luna

Leaving La Paz, we head to the archaeological site of Tiwanaku, near the south shore of the lake. Here we admire the ruins of the “city of the sun”, cultural center of an important pre-Inca civilization, 1000AD. From far it looks like a field of stones, but some remains of the surrounding wall, giant pillars and sculptures are still impressive!

Tiwanaku 1 Tiwanaku 1 Tiwanaku 2 Tiwanaku 2

We arrive by night at the lake to camp, and discover the next morning its dark blue waters lined by reeds and terraced hills. Driving along the shore, we cross many traditional Aymaras villages living out of quinoa and lamas.

titicaca 1 titicaca 1 uros 6 uros 6

To reach Copacabana, the easiest way to Peru, we cross the lake on a disturbing raft, some others carry buses or heavy trucks!

barge 1 barge 1 barge 2 barge 2

Once in town, we treat ourselves with a fresh trout from the lake and visit the luxuriant renaissance-moresque basilica Nuestra Senora de Copacabana, where people can get theirs cars blessed every morning.

copacabana copacabana basilique copacabana basilique copacabana

After a night wild camping on the Yampupata peninsula, with a great view on the lake, we go down to a launch to prepare our kayak for its fourth outing, watched over by an puzzled audience. We paddle to the famous “Isla del sol”an old Inca sanctuary, full of ruins.

isla del sol 1 isla del sol 1 isla del sol 2 isla del sol 2

kayak kayak

Few kilometers west, we are in Peru. The landscape is very similar, roads seems to be a bit better but drivers are far worse, and a lot of indian-like tuk-tuk appear on the road or in the middle of the fields.

titicaca 2 titicaca 2 camping titicaca camping titicaca

titicaca 3 titicaca 3 tuktuk tuktuk

In Puno, we use the kayak again to go and visit the famous “Uros”, the floating islands made out of rush. Women are dressed in traditional costumes, very colored, and lent one to Sophie. Their traditional boats, equally made out of rush, show a puma on their bow, the symbol of the lake.

uros 1 uros 1 uros 2 uros 2

uros 3 uros 3 uros 4 uros 4

uros 5 uros 5 uros 6 uros 6



#1 Nina 2018-05-23 16:08
Vicariously enjoying myself through your photos and trying not to turn green with envy! :-).

Allow me to say that the weather in Paris is not so bad today - lol! Meager consolation.

My love to you both!

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