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PN los glaciares
Written by sophie et jeremy   
Saturday, 27 January 2018

One more border crossing (and not the last one) and we are back in Argentina to visit Parque National de los Glaciares.

route chalten route chalten

We start in El Calafate, where we meet Jeremy's father who brought some car parts too.

The major interest of the city is its proximity to the huge Perito Moreno glacier, the only one that wouldn't be reducing in size. Walkways allow to get very close and walk along it for one hour, hearing cracking sounds when pieces of the glacier split and fall into the lake, astonishing landscape.

perito moreno 1 perito moreno 1 perito moreno 2 perito moreno 2

perito moreno 3 perito moreno 3 perito moreno 4 perito moreno 4

Second interest (in our opinion) is the fondue restaurant where we’ve eaten a lot of cheese, because we really missed it!

fondue fondue

Some 200 kilometers north is El Chalten, starting point of many walks in the same park, and a famous climbing place. Sophie goes to the famous mount Fitz Roy, while Jeremy goes cycling with his father and friends.

Fitz Roy Fitz Roy huemul 1 huemul 1

At the end of the day, we understand we are in the Argentinian equivalent for Torres del Paine but with far less tourists (we are not alone though) and more freedom. We decide to stay after Michel’s departure and go for a 4 days trek on the “Huemul circuit”. The walk is technical, including 2 river crossing with a zip line, and regular strong winds (at more than 80 km/h, we’ve almost turned back) but the views are spectacular! At “Passo del Viento” (a well chosen name) all the glaciers converge to an immense ice field disappearing below the horizon. We then walked along the ice 2 days, up to a camp on a beach where many iceberg run aground. Some have an iced bath here, we went only for an ice tea.

huemul 2 huemul 2 huemul 12 huemul 12

huemul 3 huemul 3 huemul 4 huemul 4

huemul 5 huemul 5 huemul 6 huemul 6

huemul 7 huemul 7 huemul 8 huemul 8

huemul 9 huemul 9 huemul 10 huemul 10

huemul 11 huemul 11

After that physical trial, we went for a beer with other hikers, along with fat burgers and cheddar topped french fries. We ended that day with the best chocolate mousse we ate so far during the trip!

pano huemul pano huemul


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