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Valdes peninsula
Written by sophie et jeremy   
Saturday, 30 December 2017

Valdes peninsula, on the Atlantic shore, is a nature reserve with a very rich wildlife : whales, penguins, seals, guanacos nandus, foxes... and orcas at some times!

4WD au bord de lo 4WD au bord de lo

But whatever the season, there’s never a certainty you can see one, so we watched out for hours, paying cards and drinking mate with the guadaparque. In vain. We missed them for a few hours.

ocean sans orque 1 ocean sans orque 1 ocean sans orque 2 ocean sans orque 2

Thankfully we’ve seen a whale passing by the coast. And seals, a lot of seals, and penguins.

lion de mer lion de mer elephants de mer elephants de mer

phoque phoque phoques phoques

penguins 1 penguins 1 penguins 2 penguins 2

penguins 3 penguins 3 penguins 4 penguins 4

We went swimming with the sea lions, Sophie even got a kiss from one of them!

nage 1 nage 1 nage 2 nage 2

There are also a thong of guanacos (some wild lama), nandu (an ostrich like) and some kinds of rabbits and others. Many birds lives in the area too.

guanaco guanaco tatou tatou

In addition to that fauna, lies 2 small salar in the center of the peninsula. They have a pink color because of a small shrimp living inside, the same giving the pink color to the flamingos. That was the highlight of the trip for Fanny, who’s leaving after 2 weeks in Argentina.

salina chica salina chica


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