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Written by sophie et jeremy   
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The weather is rainy when we enter Paraguay, one of the less known countries of south america, probably because of its long past dictatorship history...

chaco dudule chaco dudule

There’s a good news for us here : we can easily fill our gas bottle, and therefore cook for ourselves! It’ll change from the empanadas...

We go along the jesuits missions road after having filled our fridge. We’ll visit 3 of them, in various conditions : there’s most of the time only the basement left. The last one, in San cosme y daniel, is the most interesting. First, because it’s still used as a church, and also because we are entitled a guide who explain us many things in spanish, which we surprising mostly understood.

mission 1 mission 1

mission 2 mission 2 mission 3 mission 3

The next day, after a short visit to the capital, Asuncion, we leave the Paraguayan far west : the Chaco. it’s a huge plain, first a swamp, then there are palm trees and further it becomes a desert approaching Bolivia. Very pretty. We see there more stock, estancias, and birds of prey but not a lot of civilization...

chaco 1 chaco 1 chaco 2 chaco 2

chaco 3 chaco 3 chaco 4 chaco 4

We go back to the East and the Pantanal on a nice road between rocky formations. it’s already very hot, and we drive to drive passed some forest fires. Like everywhere around, paraguayans apply the slash-and-burn farming. But they seem to have no limit : they burn national parks, roads and electric lines too!

chaco 5 chaco 5 chaco 6 chaco 6

chaco 7 chaco 7 chaco 8 chaco 8

As it’s too hot too sleep inside, we spend our first night in the hammocks in the Cerro cora park (and we are a little cold). We’ve seen an armadillo, throngs of mosquitoes and others nasty creatures but no single jaguar...

hamacs hamacs


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