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south Brazil
Written by sophie et jeremy   
Thursday, 21 September 2017

Once the border crossed without any trouble (or custom search of the car) we continue to head north along the coast. The landscapes don't change much : still immense flooded grasslands, gauchos riding horses gathering stock, and lakes. We notice that the properties don’t look as big and wealthy as in Uruguay.

sud bresil sud bresil

Using side roads in bad condition, we can drive to the beach : a stretch of sand of a hundred kilometers! The sea has lost its brown color and is now more gray... we drive some kilometers on it, just like the local fishermen, and we camp there.

plage plage

After our first, but not last, ferry crossing, big traffic jams around Porto Alegre, the visit of the Serra Gaucha and its "swiss" villages (closer to Las Vegas than Chamonix, but you can eat fondue!) we arrive in Aparados da Serra national park. We visit the majestic Itaimbezinho canyon where we fly our drone Dudule.


Continuing on the canyon road and its beautiful views, we drive on tracks of variable quality up to the Sierra Rio do Rastro where we meet a very enthusiastic grocer. On the way we eat locals pine kernels and cheese.

rio do sul 1 rio do sul 1 rio do sul 2 rio do sul 2

rio do sul 3 rio do sul 3 rio do sul 4 rio do sul 4

rio do sul 5 rio do sul 5 rio do sul 6 rio do sul 6

rio do sul 7 rio do sul 7

After 600 more kilometers of a rather boring road we will reach Iguacu


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