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beginning of the trip
Written by sophie et jeremy   
Saturday, 16 September 2017

The D day has come, we go to the port with the very nice Miguel fetch our 4WD, which has just cross the atlantic ocean. After many goes-and-back to the different administrations in order to get our papers tamped, and a small fear when trying to crank the engine (with a non-working key), we are eventually good to go!

camp camp

We take the coastal road and stay overnight by the sea (still brown) for our first night in our new home. Sadly, despite the very good design and workmanship of our fittings, we feel a little cramped inside because we just threw all our stuff inside the car without organizing it. SO, during the first days, we rearrange everything in a more functional way. A bad news for us : our brand new gas system for the stove is not compatible with the uruguayan standard and we can’t fill our bottle. Thank fully Jeremy never travels without his small fuel stove.

camp 1 camp 1

We see many nice beaches, it’s a very touristic place during the high season (in spite of the brown sea). Punta del este disappointed us because of its “Las Vegas” feel, but the fisherman’s village of Punta del diablo more north, looked more authentic with beautiful landscapes.

punta del este punta del este punta del diablo punta del diablo

We also encountered weird bridges, a portuguese fort, a national park forbidden to vehicles, sand dunes and thousands of cows, horses and sheeps wading about in the endless swamps.

pont zarbi pont zarbi fort fort

paysage 1 paysage 1 paysage 2 paysage 2

Arrived in Chui, border town without any particular interest, we are ready to enter Brazil again.

pano pano


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