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Written by sophie et jeremy   
Thursday, 14 September 2017

From Rio, we fly to Buenos Aires, where we stay 24 hours. The argentinian capital, big modern city, did not filled us with enthusiasm. In its defense, the weather was really bad, and we stayed in a very dilapidated hostel…

mate mate

We then crossed the Rio de la plata river to Uruguay by ferry. First stop in Colonia del sacramento, charming old portuguese colonial city, where we can still see some fortifications and where it feels good hanging around…

colonia 1 colonia 1 colonia 2 colonia 2

colonia 3 colonia 3 colonia 4 colonia 4

We eat our first parrillada, the county specialty. It’s a huge barbecue with various pieces of chicken, beef, lamb, porc and sausages, sometimes with veggies, and all-you-can-eat : very good but demanding for our stomachs.

parrillada parrillada

A luxury bus drives us to Montevideo, across endless green plains, looking a bit like the french ones, plus the ranches and palm trees! The modern side of the city has little interest, but the old city holds many historical buildings, part of them going to ruin… Here, the fortifications are only memories. Our hostel being near the port, we can see “our” boat being unloaded from the rooftop, while drinking the local “mate”. Our first mate was a bit of a miss, and we needed some help from youtube to prepare it the correct way.

uruguay uruguay cadiz cadiz

Our car will be delivered in a few days, so we still have time to walk along the brown sea (anyway it’s winter, so it’s definitely not inviting) and to discover the local barbecues. The national dish, the Chivito, is pile of steak, bacon, egg, cheese and fries. Most of the desert are variations around dulche de leche

montevideo montevideo chivito chivito


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