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Paraty ihla grande
Written by Jerem   
Saturday, 09 September 2017

Here we go on a short trip to the Costa Verde, famous holiday place for Cariocas. But they rather go there during summertime to escape the heat of the capital city, and enjoy the many sand beaches and inhabited islands. The weather for our time being is more cloudy and cold.

singe singe


First stop in Paraty, small preserved colonial town which seems to slowly drown into the sea as many of its streets look regularly submerged. Pavement must be original too as we risk to sprain one's ankle at every step.

cparaty 1 cparaty 1 paraty 2 paraty 2

The area is full of beautiful beaches inspiring surf and idleness but we don't enjoy them because of the weather ..

paraty mirim paraty mirim paraty boats paraty boats

An incredible boat which have less sailing abilities than an iron brings us to Ihla Grande, a natural reserve famous for its beaches amongst the prettiest of the country !

boat boat

Indeed, they are pretty nice, especially as sun is more and present and strong !

plage 1 plage 1 plage 2 plage 2

Our first hike, a nice 8 hours walk, leads us to the jungle on an unmarked trail. We feel alone in the world and we like it, visiting a succession of deserted beaches.

rando 1 rando 1 rando 2 rando 2

The next day, we walk up to the Papagaio peak (990m) from where the view on the bay is great !

papagaio 1 papagaio 1

corcovado panorama corcovado panorama

We leave the island almost with regrets, a 2 days stay was a bit short, after having tasted the national delicacy, "açai", which is kind of a big sweet ice cream for a change...


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