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spring break in italy part 1 : south to Ancona with Axel
Written by Jerem   
Saturday, 27 April 2013

After having stayed in France for a couple of months, I was happy to hear about motorcycle travel again (actually the last call dated only from december in Madagascar..). One of my friend is starting the long journey to central asia with his Ural motorbike and sidecar, and accepting me as his roadmate for the beginning of his trip. I would stay with him up to Ancona (middle of Italy, on the Adriatic coast) where he will take a ferry to Grece. From there, I will continue to head south to Sicily. Having started at different places, different time, we met up at midday, near Genova. Soon after, we pulled of the highway to ride across Cinque terre park, a nice mountain range along the sea.

cinque terre 1 cinque terre 1


cinque terre 2 cinque terre 2

cinque terre 3 cinque terre 3

Back to camping along the road...

camp 1 camp 1

Next day, we drove past the mountains split between, Tuscany, Emilia-romagna and Umbria.

The very wet conditions made the first occasion for the ural to show up its 2 driving wheels when crossing a mud patch.

embourbage embourbage

Second day camp site... still not great.

camp 2 camp 2

camp 2b camp 2b

Mandatory stop for us "world travelers" : San marino

san marin san marin

Our last day spent together in Ancona has been filled with mechanics, not to adapt this big trailer to the sidecar but to replace broken spokes on both rear wheel and sidecar wheel.

bricolage bricolage

Time to split on Ancona port, next to the ferry to Grece.

sur le port sur le port