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northern namibia and windhoek
Written by Jerem   
Thursday, 28 June 2012

Still on the namibian roads, with their particular road signs... warthog crossing !

warthog crossing warthog crossing

Once in Windhoek, i met some others motorbikers who cross the whole or a part of Africa. I stayed there a few days to prepare the rest of the trip.

windhoek camping windhoek camping

Then, I went to the north of Namibia, and made the detour to see what is said to be the biggest meteorite on earth

hoba meteorite 1 hoba meteorite 1

hoba meteorite 2 hoba meteorite 2

Going north, the first fields of Namibia can be seen

north namibia 1 north namibia 1

The north end of the country is more green, and there s some surface water!

north namibia 2 north namibia 2

Along the road, I stopped by a weighbridge (used to check trucks), and could finaly get a precise idea of the weight of the bike : 340 kg !!

weightbridge weightbridge

A part of the border to Angola is along the Cunene river, which has been dammed, and provides now a big part of namibia's electricity.

north namibia 3 north namibia 3

Here is a view of the angolan side

north namibia 4 north namibia 4

As it s very difficult to get a visa for Angola, I went back south to Windhoek, along Etosha National Park.

north namibia 5 north namibia 5

north namibia 6 north namibia 6

Along the NP as everywhere in Namibia, encounters with wild animals are likely...

around etosha 1 around etosha 1

around etosha 2 around etosha 2

around etosha 3 around etosha 3

around etosha 4 around etosha 4

...but i only saw few antelops and a giraffe.

around etosha 5 around etosha 5

My last days in Windhoek and Namibia, i found a playground.

last river crossing last river crossing

After some days to make the arrangements, i packed my bike and made it ready to go to it s next destination

next step next step



#1 jerem 2012-07-02 16:16
to the one who has ridden one afternoon with me in windhoek, and rapidly left without giving me any details or contact, i m waiting for your news