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last days in tanzania, on the way to vic falls
Written by Jerem   
Wednesday, 11 April 2012

From Dar es salaam, i had to cross all Tanzania once again to reach the next country : Malawi. After the first days of excitment and once you get used to the crazy bus drivers, travelling in Tanzania is rather boring (and hot !), especialy in the eastern part of the country, the only occupation being the discussions with the traffic police each time i got caught for over speeding. The western side of the country is more mountaineous and remote, offering nicer rides...

last days in tanzania last days in tanzania

baobabs valley baobabs valley

along the road in tanzania along the road in tanzania

Crossing the border into Malawi has been very easy (and free), and despite what i ve heard before, the officers told me that petrol was now available in most fuel stations. Due to a recent bad economic situation and lack of foreign currency , Malawi has been facing huge inflation and depreciation of its currency (like neighbouring Zimbabwe a few months ago). As a result, US dollars changed at the black market worth 2 times more than at banks, and fuel (and other imported goods) shortages has been common last months.

along the road in malawi 1 along the road in malawi 1

The main geographical feature of Malawi is the lake Malawi, 500 km long, occupying one fifth of the total area of the country. As a result of this huge volume of water, the whole country feels much more humid and get more rainfall than other area in southern africa, or at least i got more rainfalls when i was there than any other place in africa !!!

lake malawi 1 lake malawi 1

lake malawi 2 lake malawi 2

lake malawi 3 lake malawi 3

lake malawi 4 lake malawi 4

After 24 hours looking at the clouds above the lake, and trying to stay dry under my tent like the thousands of small ants which have relocated under the same shelter, I decided to move on south and pass by one of the most unknown capital city : Lilongwe (remember the name, it can be used as a proof of your geographical knowledge). As expected, this capital city is not much to do or see, and didnt provide me the motorbike tires i was looking for.

landscapes in malawi 1 landscapes in malawi 1

Along the road, lots of fast food restaurants...

along the road in malawi 2 along the road in malawi 2

... and green landscapes.

landscapes in malawi 2 landscapes in malawi 2

Further west, in Zambia, the vegetation changes a bit, and the high grass bordering the road reduce the views and photos opportunities...

welcome in zambia welcome in zambia

landscapes in zambia landscapes in zambia

...but can offer a good cover for bush camping.

bush camp in zambia bush camp in zambia