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Written by Jerem   
Thursday, 05 September 2019

About 40 days after the first attempt from Guyana, I eventually cross a border into Surinam.

la gabrielle la gabrielle

surinam 1 surinam 1 surinam 2 surinam 2

I spend few days in the Brownsweg park, known for its abundant wildlife. Unfortunately, I only get to see a few frogs.

Brownsweg 1 Brownsweg 1 Brownsweg 2 Brownsweg 2

Brownsweg 3 Brownsweg 3 Brownsweg 4 Brownsweg 4

Back to French Guyana, I visit the space center. The tour shows us control rooms and lauch pads.

kourou 1 kourou 1 kourou 2 kourou 2

kourou 3 kourou 3 kourou 4 kourou 4

I try again to see sea turtles, with more luck this time, as I get to see about 10 new-borns showing up from the sand and crawling to the sea.

tortues 1 tortues 1 tortues 2 tortues 2

Then, after a few waiting days due to two postponements, an Ariane rocket is launched from Kourou. I was expecting it for a long time and I got a reservation at the viewpoint in the space centre. The view is impressive, as well as the combustion sound reaching us as the rocket is already high in the sky.

ariane ariane

As this trip eventually reaches its end, it is now time to drive back to Cayenne and find on the port a way to ship the car back to France. In only 24 short hours, the car is in a container, (almost) ready to be shipped back, and my flight to france is already booked for that same evening. The car will arrive within some weeks in France and will deserve a good service.

container container

Thanks to all who followed us, Chantal, Frank, Dimitri, Laura, René, Christophe, Nina, Laurent and all the others



#1 fox 2019-11-15 22:45
Hi traveler, impressive video from the rocket launch, I like the contrast with the tiny turtle run… rocket science vs wild !
By the way welcome back home !