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Written by Jerem   
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

I decide to settle in an hotel of the city in order to wait for the reopening of the ferry service. I spend the next few days walking the city and looking for contacts who can give me indications on when the border will open again.

corriverton 1 corriverton 1

The beach on the sea side is not very inviting, and the town is more oriented to the river, a slightly bit more appealing.

corriverton 2 corriverton 2 corriverton 3 corriverton 3

corriverton 3 corriverton 3

corriverton 4 corriverton 4 corriverton 5 corriverton 5

The next days are all the same and no news about the reopening of the ferry. My visa in Guyana is valid one month but the temporary importation permit for the car is 18 days only. The end date being closer, I drive back to the capital city Georgetown in order to get an extension, which is denied. I then have to drive out of the country asap, and the only possible option is to go back in Brazil from where I come.

LL road back 1 LL road back 1 LL road back 2 LL road back 2

LL road back 3 LL road back 3 LL road back 4 LL road back 4

5 days later, I am back in Manaus. I get the chance to visit the famous theatre.

opera 1 opera 1 opera 2 opera 2

opera 3 opera 3

To continue my route east, I have to go by boat down the Amazon river up to its month in the Atlantic ocean. With the car, i can't use the common passenger boats, but a barge used by trailers and trucks, and sometime by their drivers. The trip is 5 days long, at the beginning on large arms of the Amazon, and later on narrow channels.

amazone 1 amazone 1 amazone 2 amazone 2

amazone 3 amazone 3 amazone 4 amazone 4

amazone 5 amazone 5