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from Bogota to Puerto Maldonado
Written by Jerem   
Friday, 07 June 2019

With the Panama only accessible by boat, and the current situation in Venezuela, Colombia is a bit of a dead end for overlanders right now. My first days of solo travelling will then be backtracking all the way south through Ecuador to Peru. I won't visit much on the way, but I'll drive as much as possible on different roads than on the way north 3 months ago.

andahuaylas andahuaylas

There are two border crossings from Colombia to Ecuador. One in the montains we took on the way north, the other one, more east in the amazon bassin that I'll use now. I spend a few hours at a low altitude before climbing up again to Quito and the Andes

putumayo putumayo laguna papallacta laguna papallacta

The weather is a bit more clear than 3 months ago, so i get to see summits and volcanoes that were in the clouds last time.

cotopaxi area 1 cotopaxi area 1 cotopaxi area 2 cotopaxi area 2

chimborazo 1 chimborazo 1 chimborazo 2 chimborazo 2

chimborazo 3 chimborazo 3

I then drive down to the Pacific coast. The landscape changes drastically at the border in just a few kilometers, from green banana fields in Ecuador to dry desert in Peru where only the few irrigated parts remain green.

montagnes equateur montagnes equateur frontiere equateur frontiere equateur

frontiere perou frontiere perou route perou 3 route perou 3

route perou 3 route perou 3 route perou 5 route perou 5

After a few days rest in Lima, I climb for the last time the andes, within a few hours from the dry valleys of the Pacific coast to the snow storms of the altiplano. I enjoy again these incredible landscapes of central Peru.

turn off pisco turn off pisco snow in the andes snow in the andes

andes 1 andes 1 andes 2 andes 2

andes 3 andes 3 andes 4 andes 4

andes 5 andes 5 andes 6 andes 6

andes 7 andes 7 ausangate ausangate

After a vey last high pass, the road goes down for good to the Amazon bassin and the rain

andes 8 andes 8

transoceanica 1 transoceanica 1 transoceanica 2 transoceanica 2