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beaches of the pacific
Written by sophie et jeremy   
Sunday, 17 February 2019

In order to avoid the excessively wet weather we had in the mountains the last days, we decide to head to the coast and its white sand beaches. Even if it rains, we’ll get to swim !

puerto lopez 3 puerto lopez 3

Again the landscape changes quickly : we start our day at 4000m high, and end up in the afternoon under the palm trees on the seashore. In between, we’ve crossed green meadows, tropical forests and sugar cane fields. Fauna has changed too, lamas left room for cows, sea birds, dolphins and big insects, spiders... and hungry mosquitoes.

san lorenzo 1 san lorenzo 1 san lorenzo 2 san lorenzo 2

There’s another animal we can see everywhere in Ecuador : pig ! One of the main ecuadorian dish, « chancho a la barbosa » is a whole roasted pork, and it’s served almost everywhere in the country.

chancho chancho

We rest a few days on the beach, enjoying hammocks, chairs, sun screen, and swimming time to time. Sophie would have liked to kite surf, but the season is now finished and there’s no more wind. Even the bird have to fly very low above the waves to get some helping breeze.

puerto lopez 1 puerto lopez 1 puerto lopez 2 puerto lopez 2

surfing birds surfing birds coastal ecuador coastal ecuador

Driving south along the coast, we pass by the playa de los Frailes, supposedly one of the most beautiful of the country, and arrive in Guayaquil, where we’ll take the plane to the Galapagos islands!

los Frailes los Frailes coastal road coastal road


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