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eastern europe : rain and snow
Written by Jerem   
Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I haven t been lucky for this loop in eastern Europe. According to the locals, the weather has been good until the previous week, now it s really cold and rainy too.
My first day in Romania was ok, only a bit of rain when entering the Maramures, the northern part of the Carpathians mountains. The conditions were still ok to appreciate the local architecture.

maramures mountains maramures mountains

maramures church maramures church

maramures monastery maramures monastery

Next day going to Ukraine, i had to drive under the snow about one hour, before I exit the mountains. then the weather god a bit better up to Kamyanets Podilsky.

snow in the maramures snow in the maramures

snow in the maramures snow in the maramures

Kamyanets Podilsky Kamyanets Podilsky

Next morning, snow storm for one hour when i tried to visit the city, accompanied by ukrainian french-speaker Daniel i met in the hostel. Next night, after a long drive and too much time lost at the moldovan border, i founf myself hosted in one the the nicest monastery of Moldova.

monastery in Moldova monastery in Moldova

Weather got worse the next 2 days, reaching it s maximum (i hope) on the road to Varna (Bulgaria) with roads cut by floods and collapsed trees.