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return via Turkey part 2
Written by sophie et jeremy   
Sunday, 18 October 2015

After having found a camping near the beach, we visit some of the numerous ruins of the region : the old greek / roman cities of Perge and Olympos, and the natural eternal flames of Chimaera.

perge 1 perge 1

perge 2 perge 2 olympos olympos

plage plage chimaera chimaera

We drive along the beautiful coastal road and rapidly stop at Fethiye to visit the impressive lycians tombs, carved in a cliff.

coast coast fethyiye fethyiye

Eventually, we arrive at Pamukkale, where we admire its famous limestone basins and the antique city. Actually the original basins are closed and the new artificial ones where we could bath are not very appealing and the water is cold. The antique city, not very well restored except for the impressive theater, is visited by lots of tourists in bathing suit.

pamukkale 1 pamukkale 1 pamukkale 2 pamukkale 2

pamukkale 3 pamukkale 3 hierapolis hierapolis

The next day, we rush to the Aegean coast and nearly miss the (small) ferry to the greek island of Chios, because of zealous customs officers.

ferry ferry

From here, we take a larger ferry, full of syrians refugees, to Pireas. We drive across Greece in a day, only stopping at the remarkable site of Meteora, where there are many monasteries built on top of rocky mountains.

meteores 1 meteores 1 meteores 2 meteores 2

In the evening, we take another ferry to Italy and drive back to Marseille.

This is the end of our adventures in Caucasus, we hope you get as much pleasure to read them as we had to live them (even if we hardly believe you did). Thanks for following us, thanks to the army and customs officers we met on our way.